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Landscape Design & Installation


About the Project

It is always a pleasure when we get a call from a customer about completing another stage of their landscape. This customer was so pleased with how the front of her house looked after we installed a new landscape and re-laid her brick patio, she invited us back to install a new landscape in the backyard a couple of months later.

Before we began our work, she had a new concrete walkway and back patio installed. She also had a concrete slab installed for a new play house that her grandchildren could enjoy. After the play house was set on the slab, there was a noticeable issue: there was about a 1’ space between the ground and the bottom of the play house. We took vinyl sheets of lattice, cut them, and installed them at the bottom of the structure to make the empty space disappear.

To keep mud and dirt from getting tracked into the house from her grandchildren, we installed ornamental gravel in the flower beds around the play house instead of mulch. To keep the area low maintenance, we installed boxwood, coral bells, and daisies that are easily maintained. The boxwoods will also help to add evergreen texture in the winter months when the perennials die back. We also bordered the flower beds with creek gravel to hold all of the new topsoil in place and so the flower beds wouldn't have to be edged every year. The customer was also going to install some bulbs in the spring.

The customer was excited to see her landscape completed! She changed the entire appearance of the outside of her house in less than a year.

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