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Landscape Installation & Paver Sealing


About the Project

This was a large back yard project! The homeowners had installed a stamped concrete patio and a manufactured stone grill island about 4 years prior. They were very specific as to what they wanted the end result of the yard to look like. They wanted their trees incorporated into the design, raised beds, neat plantings that would exhibit a “manicured landscape”, a water feature with lots of sound, and an appearance of a finished but yet “show place” landscape all around their home. It was a lot to ask for and Wildes delivered!

First, we had a large Norway maple removed from the back yard because of disease. The rest of the trees on the property were thinned and trimmed. We removed a large arborvitae shrub from the side of the house, trimmed up existing plant material, and sprayed all of the new bed lines.

This water feature included about a 2’ falls, a 5,000 gallon per-hour pump, a 6'x6' basin where the water drains at the bottom of the falls and is recirculated, and a white and blue LED light that lights the falls at night. This is called a pondless waterfall feature.

Next, we had our friends from Evans Landscaping in Cincinatti come in and plant a 20’ October Glory maple to replace the Norway maple. We also installed three secondary paths out of natural stone and gravel to tie in with the water feature and the grill island. This allowed easy access for people to walk through the landscape and get from the patio to the lawn. It also kept a more natural look.

We dug the rest of the flower beds, raised them up with topsoil, and installed all the new plant material around the house. We enhanced the existing landscaping in the front and side yards and installed the entire new landscape in the back. We also spread 35 yards of mulch throughout the entire landscape, giving the flower beds a finished presentation.

The paver path in the front yard was starting to show its age with moss growing in the cracks, sand almost non-existent, and the pavers uneven in areas due to tree roots. We power washed and cleaned the pavers. We then pulled up and reset all the uneven areas and brushed in new sand. Next we applied two coats of wet look and joint stabilizer sealer. The paver pathway looks brand new again!

Lastly, we removed most of the existing turf in the front and side yards, top dressed all areas with new topsoil, and installed 7,500 sq ft of sod around the house for a final touch.

The customers were ecstatic about the results of their entire yard! It was everything they wanted and more. They enjoyed seeing it all come together and were impressed that we were able to complete it in time for their daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner, which was the following day!

"Tim Wildes and his crew at Wildes Lawn and Landscaping have maintained my yard for more than 10 years. I approached Tim about 2 years ago to put together a landscape plan for our back yard. When they presented the plan to me I was very impressed with the level of detail and the unique design. At the time I told Tim that we would be doing the project, but we did not start immediately because of our schedule.

Last spring I talked to Tim and told him we were ready to proceed with the landscaping because my daughter was getting married Labor Day weekend. Our plan was to have the rehearsal dinner in our back yard. I was not even sure if they could complete the project in time. Tim assured me that it would not be a problem to have the project done prior to Labor Day weekend.

Tim and his crew were absolutely phenomenal with their response to our needs. Not only did they install a major landscape that included a water feature, removal of mature diseased trees, planting of new 28’ tree and hundreds of new plantings, but they also did the little things like repairing our pavered walk, which we had never discussed. Tim and his crew took care of every detail in a very friendly manner, so I did not have to worry about a thing. It was this attention to detail that impressed me the most. Tim and his crew made this project fun for my wife and I and we love the finished product."

-Erich Eggers   
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