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Landscape Installation & Paver Sealing


About the Project

These homeowners wanted to enhance their usable yard space by expanding their paver patio in the back yard. They wanted to throw small parties and needed space for their friends and an area for an outdoor fireplace. They also wanted to enhance the beauty of their back yard by installing larger and more expansive landscaping beds. Lastly, they needed a small shed where they could store their outdoor furniture, lawn tools, mower, etc.

The back yard of this home consisted of a slope which made certain tasks of this project challenging. First, we came up with a design that accommodated all their needs. The design included a larger curved linear patio, larger and more expansive landscape beds, a retaining wall to break up the landscaping beds and create a multi level appearance, steps coming off the patio to invite guests to walk through the landscape beds, a patio area where chairs could be set around to enjoy the new fireplace, and a new Weaver barn to store all their necessary items.

The homeowners were also concerned about their entire patio being open to the bare sun, so we decided it would be necessary to install a pergola off the back of the house that would extend 10-12’ out by 10-12’ wide. This way the patio would have a shady area and sunny areas.

The pond and the smaller patio were existing when we started on the project but they both needed some additional work. We added a lot more rock around the front, back, and sides of the waterfall and a large piece of natural stone to cover the top of the falls to enhance the appearance of the water feature. We also power washed the existing patio, brushed new sand in the joints, and sealed the entire area when we sealed the new paver areas.

"Tim Wildes and his crew did a great job with enlarging our patio and then the 1st phase with a retaining wall and shrub clean up/new installation. Tim was great about reviewing the whole contract with me and my husband and then modifying the contract to complete just what we could afford for the 1st phase. Looking forward to completing this project this summer and seeing the job complete.

Tim and his crew worked long hours and did quite a bit that was beyond and above the contract to ensure a happy customer, as well to ensure that their work looked the best it could. I would highly recommend them and look forward to more projects together!"

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