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About the Project

These homeowners had a beautiful yard that they took great pride in maintaining on their own. Flower beds and a paver path wrapped around the entire back yard. However, there was one area in the very back of the yard that was causing the homeowners grief and they weren’t sure what to do with it.

The paver pathway that wrapped around the back yard was connected by a circle kit towards the very back of the yard. The homeowners had just installed a new gazebo directly on top of the circle kit. There was a row of viburnum shrubs that ran along the property line behind the new gazebo but they were so overgrown that the branches were leaning over and into the new gazebo.

In front of the viburnum shrubs there was a flower bed that was being taken over by tons of weeds and grass. This was mainly due to the open field on the other side of the viburnum where weed seeds and grass spread through the bottom of the viburnum into the landscape. There were some different types of perennials in the area but you could barely see them through all the weeds. The bed area also contained a few shrubs that were doing well but were also a bit out of hand.

We cut the viburnum shrubs back so that they weren’t hanging over the landscape and leaning against the gazebo. We removed all the valuable perennials from the bed, transplanted them, and cut down the rest of the weeds. We also cut back the other shrubs as well. After spraying the area a couple of times with Roundup, we installed a two-tier retaining wall around the entire area to keep the weeds and grass from growing directly into the flower bed area. We laid landscape fabric down over the entire area and attached it with sod staples, then spread ornamental gravel over the entire area. The final touch was the two pillars we installed on either side of the flower bed. This framed the entire area with the gazebo and gave the back yard a finished appearance.

The homeowners were very excited about how the new area looked and couldn’t believe how it had transformed their back yard. Now they could entertain guests back at their new gazebo and feel comfortable in knowing that every part of their landscape was complete!

"The first folks that have seen the (rock) bed almost do not say anything, they look at the bed, then they look at us and say, ‘Who did that for you?’ and ‘What kind of rock is that?’ Of course we tell them and then they say, ‘That is really sharp. It looks great. It makes this area and you can see it from many vantage points.’ So thanks for doing it!"

-Steve & Gayle
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