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Centerville, Ohio Mowing and Edging / Landscape Maintenance | Wildes Lawn & Landscaping, LLC

Mowing & Edging / Landscape Maintenance


About the Project

Here are some pictures of a residential property that we currently provide mowing and landscape maintenance. The contrasting stripes set off the crisp clean landscape for this home. Notice how defined the flower bed and hardscape edges are. That’s the positive effect your property will have with weekly vertical edging.

The homeowners were having trouble with people parking on the edges of their property and cutting off the corner while driving around the cul-de-sac. To solve this issue, we dug out a two-foot wide area that sunk below the curb, installed small boulders into the ground, and spread ornamental gravel throughout the area. The result: no more tire tracks, muddy conditions, or damaged turf. And we added an attractive hardscape feature to their home while solving a problem at the same time.

Additional Pictures  (Click an image to view a larger version.)

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