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Hardscape Design & Installation


About the Project

These homeowners wanted to give the front entrance of their house a facelift. The entrance to the house was old and outdated. The existing hardscape was brick and mortar walls with a brick and mortar floor. The mortar joints were starting to deteriorate and the faces of the brick were falling off.

The homeowners were very particular and specific about what kind of pavers, wall block, and caps they wanted to use. First, we removed all of the old brick and mortar walls, then tore up the brick and mortar floor. After removing the floor we discovered a 4" concrete pad poured under the brick. We then jack-hammered and removed all of the old concrete.

We dug the entire area out, then installed a 6" gravel base for the floor and an 8" base for the walls and pillars. For the walls and pillars, we installed a tumbled wall block with rock cast caps. The block was a darker blend to contrast with the red brick and the lighter caps were chosen to match the white trim and light grey roof of the house. We also installed an LED light on the inside edge of each pillar. The light fixtures fit directly under the caps, making them unnoticeable. The entire front patio is lit up at night with just 2 fixtures!

The blend of pavers used on the floor provided similar colors to the wall block. We then bordered the entire paver area with a red paver, a color similar to the house brick.

After all of the pavers had been set and sand brushed into the seams, we put two coats of sealer over the pavers and the block used for the wall/pillars (Learn more about sealing). The sealer gave the entire area a bright and glossy finish and will protect the pavers from fading and staining. It will also prevent weeds from growing in the seams and from ants building tunnels in the sand.

All of the materials blended together well and the homeowners were very pleased with their new hardscape and front entrance of their home!

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