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Bellbrook, Ohio Landscape / Hardscape Design & Installation | Wildes Lawn & Landscaping, LLC

Landscape Installation


About the Project

The new flower bed was built up with topsoil and low maintenance shrubs and perennials were installed. An ornamental crab tree was installed as the focal point of the landscape area. We also installed a channel drain filled with washed gravel to keep the water from the down spout from washing the soil or mulch onto the pavers.

After the sand was brushed into the seams of the pavers, we put two coats of sealer over all of the pavers (Learn more about sealing). The sealer bonds the sand in the seams and makes the sand as strong as concrete. This prevents weeds from growing in the seams and also prevents ants from tunneling through the sand. The sealer also protects the pavers from fading and staining, giving the pavers a glossy finish without making them slick.

The homeowners were very proud of the new entrance to their home and were very pleased to add such curb appeal and value to their property!

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