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Centerville, Ohio hardscape design and installation

Hardscape Design & Installation


About the Project

These homeowners had an existing brick patio in their back yard, but it was very tight and felt very crowded due to its small size, lack of access on and off of the patio, and two trees that were encroaching over the area. The customers wanted more usable outdoor space so they could spread out their patio furniture, entertain guests, and enjoy a nice evening fire.

First, we removed all of the existing landscape timber walls around the beds and around the existing patio. Next, we cut down both of the trees that were hovering over the patio and ground out the stumps. We also removed a couple of existing trees in the landscape that were growing close to the house. The homeowners also had an old swing set in the back yard that they did not use, so we cut that up and hauled it away.

The homeowners wanted to keep the existing brick for possible future projects around the property. We pulled up each of the bricks, cleaned them, and stacked them behind the shed. We then excavated about 12” down in the ground and extended out from the house to where the patio would be extended. We compacted the soil, installed 6” of gravel base, and compacted it every 2”. Next, we sprayed the boundary lines for the new patio, spread the sand and smoothed it, and started laying pavers in the pattern chosen by the customer. After making all the cuts, we spread polymeric sand throughout all the joints and sealed the entire patio with invisible sealer. (Learn more about our sealing service.)

Originally, the customers were only going to have us do the patio and fire pit and then do the pillars and wall the following year, but they liked the patio and fire pit so much that they wanted to see the hardscape portion of the project completed. The wall, firepit, and pillars are stacked and glued together using a commercial block adhesive. The project turned out great and the customers were very pleased with their new outdoor living space. They even started entertaining the following weekend when the project was complete!

The hardscape materials used in the project are Belgard. The field pavers are called Cambridge Cobble. The wall, pillars, and fire pit are made with Weston Wall block. Both the pavers and wall color are called the Monroe blend. The soldier course of the patio is Hollandstone and is the Charcoal color.

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