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Quarziti 2.0 Pavers Design & Installation


About the Project

Ladies and gentlemen, here are some pictures of a Quarziti patio installed by Wildes Lawn & Landscaping. We are proud to announce that it's the first Quarziti patio to be installed in Dayton, OH!

Quarziti is a 3/4" porcelain paver that is manufactured in Italy. It is resistant to freeze & thaw, chemical aggression, stains & can withstand 2200 lbs of pressure. It comes in a variety of sizes for each unique project and is available in 5 different colors. Quarziti is easy to keep clean and never requires sealing! Quarziti can be installed over existing concerete per motar bed adhesive or pedetals and set over compacted base & sand beds.

In this particular project, we installed the quarziti over 2 existing concrete patios with mortar and expanded the patio space by over 435 sq ft with a compacted 411 base and sand bed. Polymeric sand was used to fill in all the joints of the entire patio space.

Let us know if you have any questions about this project or product or would like a quote to have this installed at your residence or business. We will post additional pictures including our 3D design photos and before pictures of the project.

NOTE: Please ignore the cable line running across the patio. The cable company has not come to bury a new line out and around the new patio space, but we wanted to get photos posted ASAP!

Additional Pictures  (Click an image to view a larger version.)

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