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Centerville, Ohio landscape installation

Landscape Installation


About the Project

This is the second landscaping project we have done for this customer. They had previously lived in Kettering but then moved to Bellbrook. After they finished moving in, they had us come out and take a look at the front and side of their home.

Unfortunately, before-pictures of the project were not taken. However, the existing landscape lacked balance and color and contained some dying plant material. The dying plant material included a large misshapen crab tree. We installed a new Japanese maple in its place.

The concrete block wall that bordered the flower beds was crooked and was being fluctuated from the large oak tree’s roots. The side of the house didn’t have any landscape at all. The customer wished to have a low maintenance yet attractive landscape that would include various types of plant material blooming throughout the year.

We first removed the dead plant material as well as the roots and stumps. Next, we redesigned and realigned the entire concrete block wall, while removing many tree roots and installing a trench with a base of course paver sand underneath. Topsoil was then brought in to build up the flower beds. The new plant material was installed and mulch was spread throughout all the flower beds.

Additional Pictures  (Click an image to view a larger version.)

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