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Lawn Aeration

Want to have the most healthy looking yard in the neighborhood? It's possible with the help of this simple procedure.

Core aeration is the best thing you can do for your turf. An aerator pulls out cores of thatch, soil, and grass with cylindrical tines that penetrate and demolish the soil. These cores lay on top of your lawn and decompose relatively quickly, especially with rainfall.

Benefits of aeration include: an increase in air, water, and nutrients to the roots; relief of soil compaction; improvement of drainage; creation of a better environment for overseeding; and an increase in the effectiveness of fertilizers and other lawn care products.

Soil compaction and thatch are the two largest obstacles of beautiful turf. If the roots of your lawn aren’t healthy, your yard isn’t going to look satisfactory, even with adequate fertilizer and water.

At Wildes Lawn & Landscaping, we offer aeration services in the spring and fall. We highly recommend doing this at least once a year. Aeration is a relatively low cost service that can enhance your yard and leave you with beautiful-looking turf. Contact us to schedule this important service so your yard will look its best this year!

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