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Leaf Removal

Fall is one of the most pleasant and beautiful times of the year. The temperature gets cooler and the leaves on the trees change color. But then the leaves fall off, leaving your gutters clogged and your roof, flower beds, and lawn covered.

It is extremely important to get these leaves off of your property, especially when they are falling at a heavy rate. Allowing leaves to pack down on your yard could cause parts of your grass to suffocate. They can also cause the development of fungus, especially when the leaves are extremely wet.

A heavy amount of wet leaves in your flower beds can cause your plants to die and cause an excessive amount of mold in your mulch beds. A large amount of leaves in your gutters can discourage proper water flow through the down spouts.

Wildes Lawn & Landscaping has all the equipment to handle the removal of your leaves. We are equipped with high powered blowers and a large leaf vacuum. We can clean up all of your leaves and lay them along the curb or even vacuum them up and haul them away for you.

Contact us and let us take the stress out of your fall season!

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Examples of leaf removal from our Portfolio

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