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Mowing & Edging

Does your schedule not give you time to mow your lawn? Maybe your tired of having to maintain your lawn mower. Or maybe you simply don't like having to go outside and cut the grass once a week. If this is you, we have a solution for you.

Let Wildes Lawn & Landscaping mow your yard for you! With our weekly mowing service, your yard will always look neat, trimmed, and manicured. Our mowing crew is properly trained and has all the equipment needed to keep your yard looking its best.

Your yard will be cut in a different direction every week to help maintain healthy roots by reducing compaction of the soil. Grass clippings are never left lying in clumps on the yard. All pavement is blown off and grass clippings cleaned out of the flower beds.

String trimming and edging are always included in our mowing package. At Wildes Lawn & Landscaping, we have special disks on our string trimmers that keep your pavement edges and flower bed edges looking perfect throughout the year. Every week, our crew vertically edges the flower beds as well as all of your pavement edges.

We keep all of our mowers updated and well maintained. The blades are sharpened frequently throughout the week and our mowers are serviced every weekend. Our mowers also have the latest deck designs that keep them from scalping your yard and leave your turf looking serene.

Contact us to set up a time for an estimate of this important service. You will see a difference with Wildes.

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Examples of mowing and edging from our Portfolio

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