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Paver, Brick, & Concrete Cleaning / Sealing

Is your hardscape dirty or stained? Do you have moss or weeds growing out of your paver driveway or walkway? Maybe your concrete is looking darker than it used to. We can help!

Whether you are installing a new hardscape or pavement area, or you are simply maintaining an existing one, you want to make sure your investment is protected. Wildes can clean and powerwash your paved areas and apply a sealer to protect them.

The pavement sealers we use are water-based, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting. There are no pungent odors or chemical smells. Besides protecting your pavement from acid, salt, weathering, and staining, the sealers can also provide your pavement with a glossy finish, wet finish, or be totally invisible.

What if the joints in between your pavers are becoming wider and sand is almost non-existent. No problem! We can fill-in these joints by brushing in high-performance polymeric sand before sealing the area. Are your pavers settling or uneven? We'll pull up these areas and re-lay the pavers before brushing in the joint sand and sealing these areas.

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