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Knock Out Roses

About the Video

This video talks about Knock Out roses and why they are a great choice of plant to add color and texture to your yard. Knock Out roses are a shrub rose and are very hearty and very low in maintenance. Another plus is that they have minimal issues with insects and diseases.

Knock Out roses bloom from May through the first frost in the fall. They come in red, blush (light pink), and rainbow. They are available in double knockout varieties that have a larger and more detailed bloom like traditional roses. In this video, we demonstrate planting and proper maintenance techniques to keep your roses healthy and abundant.

Things to keep in mind when planting and caring for a Knock Out rose:

  • Knock Out roses require at least 6 hours of sunlight to make the plant successful and keep blooming.
  • Each Knock Out rose will grow to a size of about a 3’x3’ plant.
  • During planting, put a little bit of mulch or peat moss in the hole to hold the moisture.
  • Don’t plant the rose too deep.
  • After planting, fertilize the rose and water the fertilizer into the soil.
  • When watering roses, never wet the leaves of the plant.
  • Don’t over-water the rose.
  • Fertilize your roses at least once a year after you cut them back to encourage new growth.
  • When they are done blooming at the end of the season, don’t cut them back. Wait and cut them back in the spring when the frosts of the spring are over.