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Landscape Fabric

About the Video

This video covers the proper uses for landscape fabric at your home or business. Many folks believe that fabric is the answer for all weed control throughout their landscape. Unfortunately, that is not true. This video shows how to prepare an area for fabric and how to install the fabric.

The three main uses for fabric in a landscape:

  • Garden beds that are used to grow fruits and vegetables.
  • Under paths and under decks or flower beds that are covered in some type of rock or gravel.
  • Hillsides or steep slopes where water washes away the topsoil and mulch from the beds.

Helpful Hints/Facts

  • Buy the thickest and most durable fabric possible.
  • Pin the fabric down tightly with sod staples so the fabric has maximum resistance against weeds growing up from underneath.
  • Don’t let soil pack down on top of the fabric when installing plant material.
  • Placing gravel or rock on top of the fabric will allow it to last for about 4–5 years, compared to 1–2 years if not covered by anything.