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Proper Power Tool Care: Chain Saws

About the Video

Do you own your own chain saw? Is it not running or cutting as well as it used to? Well, then this video is for you! In this video, we demonstrate how to properly clean and sharpen your saw.

Start out by cleaning your saw with either a shop towel or compressed air. You can sharpen the chain teeth with a chain saw file or a electric dremmel. Although a dremmel is much more efficient in sharpening, you can easily mess up the angle of the teeth if not careful. Also be aware that different size stones for dremmels will fit different teeth, depending on how large they are.

There are a few other engine components not covered in this video. They include:

  • Spark plug
  • Fuel filter
  • Air filter
  • Fuel lines

The spark plug in your chain saw should be replaced once a year. If you haven't used the saw much in the previous year, just remove the spark plug, clean it, and re-install it. When installing a spark plug, make sure the electrode gap on the plug is correct. This will help the saw to start and run correctly.

The fuel filter should also be replaced each year. The fuel filter is what keeps any dirt from the tank or fuel from getting directly into the engine or carburetor. No matter how much you use the saw, it’s important to replace this every year.

The air filter is what allows the engine of your saw to breath properly. It is also important to replace this once a year as the air filters on chain saws get extra dirty from flying dust, dirt, and debris.

The fuel lines on 2-cycle equipment sometimes split, crack, or corrode, causing them to leak fuel or allow air into the carburetor. This causes your saw to not run effectively. Be sure to check the condition of your fuel lines each year and replace them if they are getting bad or leaking.