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Fall Fertilizing

About the Video

Fall fertilizer is a slow release product that allows nitrogen and potassium to be released into the soil during fall through the winter. Essentially, your yard “eats” these slow release nutrients at its own leisure. This lawn application helps the grass resist winter injury and disease and also serves as a great source of energy for the roots and growth in the spring. Lastly, fall fertilizer allows your yard to stay greener during the winter months and enhances the spring green-up.

Fall fertilizer should be applied sometime during the month of November before the ground freezes. Be sure to not apply this product too early; that could cause winter injury to the yard. Clean up all leaves and debris off the yard and mow the grass short before the application is applied. The fertilizer can be bought from any local hardware store. Fall fertilizer can be applied using a rotary or drop spreader, but whatever spreader you decide to use, make sure the product is put down evenly.

Steps to Remember

  1. Clean entire yard of debris and mow the lawn shorter.
  2. Measure your yard to find out how many square feet you are treating.
  3. Purchase the bags of fertilizer according to the square footage of your yard (Most bags are sold either in 5,000 sq ft increments or 15,000 sq ft).
  4. Apply the fall fertilizer using a rotary or drop spreader, setting your spreader according to the specs on the back of the bag.
  5. Be sure to apply this fertilizer sometime in November before the ground freezes.