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About the Video

There are three main salt and calcium products that you’ll find at your local hardware store to use on your pavement. Keep in mind that each product can be put down by hand or with a spreader, just be sure to keep all of these products away from your planting beds since they could severely burn your plants. For best results with these products, apply in the late morning when the sun is out or in the afternoon so the product will be activated by the sun’s heat and light.

Helpful Hints/Facts

  1. Rock salt/Halite is the most common ice and snow control product sold. Halite will melt snow and ice down to a temperature of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This product is best used for asphalt as it will cause severe damage to pavers, brick, and concrete. Damage can consist of the surface chipping, pitting, and cracking. Average cost per bag = $5.00 to $6.00 for a 25–50 lb bag.
  2. Rock salt and calcium blends are probably the second most used product for melting ice and snow. These blends will melt snow down to a temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit. This product has excellent and fast results while not doing near the damage to your brick, pavers, or concrete that halite will do. Be careful as to not over apply the product since it contains halite. Some blends are died different colors so you can tell where and how much you have applied. Average cost per bag = $10.00 to 12.00 for a 50 lb bag.
  3. Calcium is the safest product that can be used on your pavers, brick, and concrete. Calcium works down to a temperature of -25 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the lowest temperature that any ice and snow control product will activate at. A little bit of calcium goes a long way. This product does minimal-to-no damage to all to brick, pavers, and concrete. However, just as with any product, if it is over applied it will cause some damage. Average cost per bag = $15.00 to $16.00 per 40–50 lb bag.